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The right identifier for every sales channel

IdentityBase provides cross-platform management of person-identifying features so you can interact smoothly with your customers across different sales channels.

KYC was the beginning

After identifying your customers beyond doubt at the start of the business relationship (KYC - Know Your Customer), day-to-day business is all about fast and uninterrupted interaction across various channels, often around the clock.


IYC helps in day-to-day business

IdentityBase as a modern IYC solution (Identify Your Customer) supports you in identifying the counterpart. The doubtless and quick recognition of the customer is important for your sales staff as well as in the back office. Depending on the area of application, different characteristics are used. IdentityBase gives you fast and secure access to them.

How IdentityBase works

IdentityBase manages the multitude of possible and used attributes in a central tool.


Via a standardised and multi-level secured interface, the person-identifying characteristics are made available to all relevant peripheral systems.


In addition to the actual identification (authentication), IdentityBase also manages rights (authorisations, powers of attorney) and passes these on to the surrounding system.