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Welcome to IdentityBase


IdentityBase is the digital solution for organisations that want to manage and access person-identifying characteristics.


Fast | Secure | Efficient

New challenges

Digitalisation is creating new channels to the customer. The possibilities to identify these customers in business transactions are developing just as quickly.


IYC - Identify your Customer is the new challenge: Identification without doubt requires a tailor-made solution for each distribution channel.


In the digital world, this is a matter of speed, security and efficiency. This is what IdentityBase offers.


New solutions

IdentityBase helps you to securely link the various person identifying features with the latest technologies.


With IdentityBase, you can identify your customers in real time using various features, be it documents (passports or IDs), digital certificates, signatures or biometric features such as voice or fingerprint.


Whether in the customer service centre, on the helpline or at the helpdesk, IdentityBase allows you to focus on solving customers' problems.