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Welcome to IdentityBase - the solution for the swift, secure and efficient identification of your customers.

As a result of digitisation, a host of new channels are being created to the customers. Ways of identifying customers in business dealings are developing just as quickly.

IYC - Identify Your Customer is the new challenge: Definitive identification requires a customised solution for every distribution channel. In the digital world, it is all about speed, security and efficiency - precisely what IdentityBase offers.

IdentityBase is the right solution for anyone wanting to efficiently manage person-identifying characteristics and for accessing these characteristics rapidly.


It helps you to securely link various person-identifying characteristics with state-of-the art technologies. Whether in the customer service centre, in phone consulting or at the help desk. With IdentityBase, you can concentrate on finding a solution to your customers' problems.

With IdentityBase you can identify your customers in real time through various characteristics, be these documents (passports or IDs), digital certificates, signatures or biometric characteristics such as voice or fingerprints.